How Improved Resume Format Looks Like

How Improved Resume Format Looks Like

Each year the requirements to resume writing are changing. It means that a resume composed several years ago will not work this year. For that reason, you need to update it on an ongoing basis. Besides, creating a new resume or updating already written resume is quite challenging in the modern mobile and tech-driven employment landscape. This is just another reason to know that your resume must be optimized according to the needs of the modern times.

Resume optimization is needed because modern companies use specific electronic scanning systems. So, if you really want your resume to be viewed by an employer it needs to be optimized according to the needs of this software.

Below, we publish several tips that will help you improve your resume and make it stand out in 2017.

  1. Write to the Future.

Remember one fact – a resume isn’t a document, showing a historical record of your achievements. First of all, this is a short marketing document. This is a selling option! For that reason, your primary purpose is to express your current career goals.

The key factor is that you must highlight your credentials, accomplishments and experience.

  1. Use Specific Keywords.

Modern companies use electronic scanning systems. It means that first, your resume will be run through this system and after that it will be viewed by an employer. For that reason, if your primary purpose is to be invited for a job interview, your resume must be packed with specific keywords. They need to be relevant to the chosen job position. To determine the most appropriate keywords, you need to search for online job postings or look through relevant LinkedIn conversations.

  1. Highlight your “Wow” Characteristic Features.

Think about the top things that can impress an employer and prove that you are the best candidate. As a rule, such features need to be positioned at the top of a page. As a rule, the most powerful wow statements are those that show your achievements. Instead of writing about your skills, share the information about your achievements.

  1. Mention Only Important Information.

It means that you should quantify your achievements. If it is possible, please, use exact facts, figures or percentages. Besides, try to begin each new paragraph with a strong action verb. Don’t use filler words or try to reduce their amount to the minimum. Try to make each sentence short but informative.

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