How Good Resume Examples Looks Like

How Good Resume Examples Looks Like

Seeking employment is a time-consuming process. For that reason, you should be ready to this period of life. In some instances, it lasts longer than you may think. To speed up this process, you should take into account such aspect as a resume.

At first gaze, it seems to be that this document doesn’t matter, because it just contains the information about your personality, skills, experience, education, etc. Nevertheless, a resume can open you lots of opportunities (of course, if it is written correctly). In this review, we’ll discern about the way how a good resume should look like.

The discussed resume mostly corresponds to the US format. Yet still, it is also applied in some other countries as well. Let’s analyze this issue point by point.

  1. One Page Resume.

Remember just one simple rule – too long resumes aren’t more impressive. Of course, if you have a long and interesting experience of work and you know for sure that this information is needed then you shouldn’t cut your resume. Yet still, in the majority of cases, recruiters don’t read a resume, they just do a 30-second “spot check”. If they don’t find the needed information within several seconds they will just shut down your resume!

  1. Use a Resume Sample with Columns.

It means that you should use a definite template and form your resume in columns. You can use three columns, where you will indicate your name, position, etc. In doing so, your resume will be easier to read. Besides, it also saves space.

  1. Use tables.

Some individuals use Microsoft Word to craft their resumes. In this case, it will be much better if you use tables offered by this soft. At the end, you just need to hide all borders.

  1. Use Short Bullets.

This is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your resume. As a rule, job recruiters don’t spend more than several seconds on one resume. For that reason, use short bullets. In this case, your resume will be much more effective.

  1. Create Accomplishment Oriented Resume.

It means that creating your bullets, you need to concentrate on your accomplishments more. You need to provide an employer with the information about your skills and experience: what you developed, created, designed, etc.

If you have the experience of working on one or another project, then share it in your resume. Choose 2-4 projects and list them there. Maybe these are your independent projects or the projects you were working on at your previous job. This information also needs to be mentioned!

  1. Language and Technologies.

If you know more than your native language and you have a certificate which can prove this, always list it in a resume. This is an excellent idea to notify an employer that you know several languages or you are good in some technologies.

  1. Additional Experience.

As a rule, we don’t include all information about ourselves in resumes. If you have some awards or have the experience of leadership activities and you see that this information really matters, don’t forget to include it in your resume. Nevertheless, don’t overload your resume with extra information. If you know that this experience will be good for a chosen position then add it.

We hope that now you understand how your resume must look like in order to be effective. In any case, we recommend you to give serious considerations to the way how your resume is composed because this short document can really open the door to the successful future! If you have no time to deal with it, or you have no idea how to write a worthy one, welcome to our service! Our experienced resume writers will definitely help you find a solution!

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